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Tap into the ultimate life hack by choosing love over fear

Here is an interesting life hack. What if we discovered that emotions and feelings were two completely different things, would you be surprised?

I know I was when I discovered the simplicity of it for myself.

So let’s examine this concept by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks, by looking at emotions, feelings, thoughts and outcomes separately.


As human beings, we basically have only two emotions. I know that this may surprise some of you.

However, stick with me, because things are going to get a whole lot clearer, as I begin to explain the simplest, and most significant, life hack that has the potential to completely disrupt your entire life for the better.

Are you ready? Because this is a complete game-changer!

The only two emotions we all have are love and fear. I know this is quite a bombshell. The vast majority of us, have had feelings and emotions interchanged and described as the same thing, yet they are most definitely not the same at all.

When the penny fully dropped for me, how simple what I’m about to tell you is, I was flawed. Yet it is absolutely one hundred per cent true.

There are reasons why this has been both deliberately and accidentally propagated in our education, work and life in general, through social and cultural conditioning.

Yet, first, we need to address the elephant in the room. The who, why and how this has come about.

Before we do though, consider the humble elephant. Gentle, yet formidable creatures, that have been known to protect others, including people, from the kings of the jungle.

From this position, let’s look at the who, what and how you may have accidentally chosen fear over love and why.

Who, what and how?

The easiest way to control people is to create doubt or confusion. What better way than to subtly disrupt the basic manifestation power dead in its tracks, right up front, than with the simple act of doubt?

To invoke doubt in the mechanism requires very little attention. So rather than having to attempt to convince someone of anything, which takes considerable time and effort. The easiest way to disrupt is to create the tiniest bit of doubt. Then your thoughts and emotions do the rest, in an endless loop.

This basic and yet incredibly clever disruption has altered the entire fabric of humanity.

If you don’t believe me, look out into the world today, and ask yourself, is there more fear, or is there more love?

When the world is full of fear, we propagate feelings of hate and anger, and we see only what makes us different.

Yet when the world is full of love, we propagate feelings of happiness, respect, and inclusion because we see what unites us, our common humanity.

A divided world filled with doubt, fueled by fear is conquered easily.

So now we understand that control is the motivation, we can begin to understand how much easier it is to take back control.

Why? Because we all have the power to flick the switch within us, at literally anytime, to be fueled by the emotion of love, instead of fear. It is that simple.

To fully understand the immense difference between living in love as opposed to fear. Let’s look at the differences they create mentally, emotionally and physically, as they can literally and destructively move the fabric of our existence.

Love makes us feel light, it imbues us with joy, courage, and confidence, affirming our ability to act quickly, feel strong, resilient and move forward effortlessly. It acts almost as a propulsion or a will pushing us forward. Many who feel Imbued by love, whether it be from spirit, god or those around us feel the drive of love as if it was a protective means egging us on from behind.

As the opposite emotional force of love, fear makes us feel heavy, as it weighs us down with feelings of sorrow, self-loathing, judgement and regret. It can make us feel as though there is a mountain in front of us, that is simply impossible to climb as if there is a weight behind us pulling us back.

I am sure many of you will have just like I have, felt the drag of fear.

To understand this further let’s dig deeper into feelings and thoughts to see how we can individually create better outcomes, that not only uplift your life, but also the entire collective humanity.

Let’s start by understanding how feelings differ from emotions.


Feelings are literally the actions that you take. We know them well; anger, frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety and many others. These feelings occur as a direct result of the current conditions around you, along with the norms you’ve applied to your belief system through social and cultural conditioning.

It’s important to understand that these norms also include the traumas that can be the catalyst to trigger the feeling, either in the moment or even held in place for extended periods. For example; long-term anxiety, depression and any other situation, where feelings remain embedded beyond a short momentary experience.

Now for simplicity to articulate the concept, I want you to imagine that you are a car. Your emotions are what fuel your car. Kind of like what type of fuel to select to drive your car just like what drives you in life.

There are only two emotions, love and fear, and these fuel your actions, which are felt as a response to your thoughts.

It’s important to understand that all actions are controlled by you in life because you are the driver of your car. Regardless of the circumstances in which you drive, just like in life, reactions are just your response as an action.

To make it simple the feelings that rise up as actions are kind of like whether you choose to push the accelerator or the break in the car. These feelings also determine how extreme your reaction is to the given situation. Whether on one end of the scale, you keep accelerating until you crash, or you are frozen with your foot glued on the brake pedal and don’t move at all.

Think of acceleration being love, and braking being fear. Depending on your circumstances these can feel like the opposite. We are all having unique experiences in life, so it is important to factor in our uniqueness.

However, we know that when we are fueled by love, our actions tend towards feelings of happiness, sharing and engagement, leaving us to experience a sense of success, lightness, confidence and pleasure.

Yet, when we are fueled by fear our actions tend towards sorrow, depression and disengagement, leaving us to experience stress, failure, heaviness and self-loathing.

So where do our thoughts fit in you might say? Well, they are the beginning of the plan, kind of like the design of our car.


Thoughts are on an endless loop that flows through our minds. Some we pay attention to and others fade into the background.

What we think about, without the right fuel and feelings, allowing for action is simply wishful thinking. Like a car sitting on a car lot rusting without ever having put fuel in it, being the emotion, or getting in to drive it, the feelings, nothing happens. Just like the car, we go nowhere with mere thought alone. This is how we can become stuck in a loop and never move forward in our life.

So thoughts play a kind of ignition point, like when you start a car. Without the emotion and feeling, fuel or action, you can spiral into feelings of being stuck. We’ve all felt stuck at some point in life, yet it doesn’t have to be this way forever.

So how do we find the optimum way to achieve our limitless potential?

It’s a fair question to want to know the answer, which can be easier than you might think. Pun intended, considering dead-end and looping thoughts are the culprits in the first place.

So to understand how to get to run your life, like a well-maintained car, let’s look at how to get a good outcome.


The journey begins within you. No need for driving instructions because the manual and road map for life is already within you.

Be aware of your thoughts, and instead of them being mere hopes and dreams, bring them into reality by fueling them with love. This enables you to take actions brought on by positive, light and productive feelings that can deliver positive outcomes in your life.

We all have the ability to do this, as our life is something we can choose by being our own creator, choosing to orchestrate the design, instead of living in fear and accepting the default setting, just like in a car.

Many seek to gain from you not knowing this. When we come to understand our infinite human potential, we can no longer be controlled, as we have chosen life by design, not default.

Fear-based actions are a deliberate trap to keep you stuck like a mouse on a wheel in loops of wishful thinking, yet not actually going anywhere.

Today choose love, and you simply cannot lose. Love will set you and everyone else free. It is actually that simple because love sets the wheels in motion for infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities create the space for infinite outcomes, and the default setting has now been overridden by design.

When leaders choose love as their fuel, it’s a game changer, not just for themselves, but also everyone they lead. Leaders who lead with love, create organisations filled with purpose-driven individuals, that produce better outcomes for everyone, including your customers.

So mastering emotional intelligence is as simple as choosing love instead of fear. Yet instead we bind up emotional intelligence with so much complexity. Start with the fuel of love and watch the complexity of emotional intelligence dissolve.

People often say to me, it can’t be that simple. Yet, in reality, everything is simple. A mind trapped by the emotion of fear and fear-based feelings, simply creates unnecessary complexities which change the outcomes altogether.

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself!

You’ve got this!

Now go set yourself free fueling your life with love, and show everyone you know how to do the same.

Want to know more?

Check out my other articles on this website or my new book, 'Infinite You' available for purchase at:

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