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How learning the art of heart leadership in business could set you apart from your competitors

We all know that people follow people, not businesses, in the modern world of social media influence. The future's most powerful generations of influencers are buying everything based on how they feel, and we know that feelings come from the heart.

So why are the vast majority of us leading our businesses with our heads instead of our hearts?

To lead your business with your heart requires vulnerability, transparency and absolute authenticity. Are you prepared to step into your business this way?

The only way to understand how to lead with your heart in your business is to learn to do this in every other part of your life first. It begins in your most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. Once you understand the basic fundamental practice of leading with your heart, then it can expand to the relationships you have with everyone else. These include both comfortable and uncomfortable relationships, including the people who bring you disruption and difficulty.

Leading with your heart in business is absolute authenticity, and the ripple effects are infinite. When you learn the mindfulness practice of leading with your heart, you care about everyone and everything because it all matters.

When you begin to squash the ego within, you give others all around you, permission to do the same. A business with the Ego in the driver's seat is driven by the toxic fumes of fear. We know the statistics of employee satisfaction are at an all-time low because we are in a world driven by fear, at every turn. When satisfaction is low, so too is motivation. The power of heart leadership in business is beyond your wildest imagination. What is most interesting is that you have been holding the key to it right in your heart all along.

Imagine your business filled with heart leaders, heart employees, heart suppliers and heart investors. Your business world looks a whole lot different, and so does your bottom line when everyone cares about what they do.

What do your customers look like now? What could they look like engaging with a heart lead business?

This concept might seem like a far fetched concept in business. However, as humans, our deepest desire is to love and be loved. To lead with your heart in business fundamentally taps into this most basic desire of humanity.

So why are few businesses doing this? Why are most of us running our businesses on the fear that is driven by the ego that resides in our heads, rather than the love from within our hearts?

The answer is simple and in principle, hidden in plain sight. Just like the solution to every problem exists within the very problem itself. When we operate on fear, we are in such a hurry to escape the problem, that we also run away from the solution, that is ever so neatly tucked away deep inside it. To feel into a problem from a place of heart leadership brings in qualities including understanding, compassion, inclusion and patience, all of which are beneficial in finding the solution collectively.

So where does this existential fear come from you say? Generations of social and cultural conditioning that’s where. From a young age, we have been taught to fear everything, from crossing the road to speaking to strangers. The news literally fills our minds with bad news creating a sense of danger seemingly everywhere. This implied fear builds into a strategy as an adult to avoid risk, disappointment and absolutely avoid failure at all costs.

Leading with your heart in business embraces the discovery of solutions through embracing failure as a means to grow both individually and collectively. In business, we have become so risk-averse that we see failure as an unacceptable risk.

So imagine, what your business would look like if you learned to lead with your heart?

When you lead with your heart in business, you give those around you permission to do the same. It creates a ripple effect. It doesn’t matter whether you own the business or work for someone else. Heart leaders, like all other influencers, often lead from positions of unofficial leadership. Therefore you have the power to bring about change in your workplace no matter what role you play. Heart leadership is beautifully contagious.

Heart leaders in business are highly influential because they care, and when people know you care, they become open to your views in a gentle yet logical and rational way. People learn to trust your motivation because it comes from a good place, your heart.

Do you want your business to stand out from your competitors? Heart leadership will not only set you apart, but it will also accelerate your business beyond your wildest imagination, lead by an entire team of heart leaders top to bottom and bottom to top.

Want to know more about how leading with your heart in business could be an absolute game-changer?

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